Stereo compositing.
Advanced multi-passes CG integration and Deep compositing.
Added bullets, fires, sparks, dusts, smokes, & steam.

Bullet flashes, dusts, & smokes.
Monitor compositing with 3D environment projection.

Advanced multi-passes CG integration
Sky dome projection
Projected 2D particle elements into 3D environment
Emulated 2D water fx & generating waves in the swimming pool.
Green screen extraction
Stereo compositing & trouble shooting

CG humming bird, tiger, & fish integration
CG Ocean Water integration with practical ones
CG particles interation
Bluescreen extraction
Sky replacement

Green screen extraction
Sky replacement
Background replacement
CG integration

Green screen extraction
Composited plate with 3D EXR passes
Composited holo screen
Added shadows & refelections
Integrated DOF to match the plate
Added light on the floor to match the plate

God’s Mighty Servant
Nuke | Python Gizmos Creation | After Effects | Photoshop

Green screen extraction

Sky replacement

Composited multi-passed EXR CG trains, steams, flocks of birds
, water fromt he fountain, planes, fires & smokes
Added new layers of back buildings, bridge, & foreground people

Changed the color of the tree on the left screen from brown to green

Removed signs in the river

Added crowd passes
Additional crowd inserted randomly in Nuke
Integrated the plate with matte painting background

Composited smokes, fires, & explosions
3D tracked the backplate

Removed rigs on the right windows

Supervised matte painting & rotoscoping process.

Green screen extraction
Setup Stereoscopic 3D scene
Precomped with CG background
Repositioned & matchmoved the crowd plate to match the foreground plate

Composited Alice on Mad Hatter’s Hat

Warped Alice’s hand as she grabbed the hat



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